12 Oct 2021

Don't be blind to a buyer's agent

In this competitive property market, buying blind is the new way to buy property.

Anyone unable to inspect property due to lockdowns and border closures, should seriously consider putting the search in the hands of an experienced, independent buyer’s agent.

A good local buyer’s agent is an expert at understanding comparable sales in a moving market and an expert at finding exactly the right property for their client.

For a lot of buyers, handing over the responsibility of the property search is a big relief, particularly if needing to buy interstate or in areas where lockdowns are happening.

Anyone considering a buyer’s agent should ensure they choose someone who is licensed in their state and preferably a REBAA member.

The benefits of using a professional buyer’s agent are:

  • Get the upper hand by using an expert who can interpret sales jargon
  • Access local knowledge if you’re relocating or purchasing in interstate or unfamiliar area
  • Remove the emotion to ensure you don’t make an impulsive buy
  • Access more properties including off-market (silent listings) unlisted or pre-market listings before they’re advertised
  • Free up time that would have otherwise been spent searching the internet, calling agents and inspecting open homes every weekend
  • Benefit from their experience at online auctions