11 Oct 2019

Enhance your online research skills

Keen to optimise your understanding of one of the most popular property intelligence online platforms? Want to hone in on some of the little known functions that are useful to buyer’s agents and advocates?

Join Shirley Zhu from Pricefinder to hear how you can extract accurate comparable sales data and gain better insights on the property market in this FREE member webinar.

Topics covered include:

  • How to extract accurate comparable sales using the market activity tool.
  • How this tool can also be used to identify agents and offices with the strongest track records in each dwelling category/price bracket etc for the purposes of outreach and building relationships with those with the highest percentage chance of supplying viable options/leads for clients whilst pre/post or off market.
  • How this tool can also be used to identify the likely volume of sales for a specific brief to assess brief viability and educate clients.
  • How to share the platform with clients.
  • How to perform vendor name searches.
  • How to identify expired listings.
  • The value of the archive links as a comparison tool with current live links.
  • How to run an AVM.

We have a full schedule and will endeavour to cover as many of the topics as possible in the one-hour training session. 

This training is scheduled for Wednesday 16 October at 10.30am and is exclusive to REBAA members.

Email lisa@parkerbuyeradvocates.com.au to register.

About Pricefinder

Pricefinder is a leading property intelligence platform, delivering comprehensive property data and analytics since 1989.  Pricefinder collects property data from multiple sources including; property ownership, phone numbers, property zoning, title information, over 30 years of sales history and real-time auction results.