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Are you looking for a buyer’s agent or advocate in Victoria? Our members are accredited buyer’s agents and advocates and real estate experts in both metro and regional Victoria. You can view our members below.  

Do You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

If you’re looking for a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne who can provide advocacy services and assist you with the purchase of your property, REBAA can help. A REBAA accredited buyer’s agent can help manage the process of purchasing your new home, investment or commercial property, and ensure you purchase at the right price. At REBAA, we can direct you to buyer’s agents that offer a number of different service options, ranging from complete searches to auction bidding and single property reports. Having an experienced buyer’s advocate who is familiar with suburb values and the purchasing process is invaluable when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome.

Our Leading Team of REBAA Accredited Buyer's Advocates in Melbourne and Victoria

Our buyer’s agents can help you gain an edge and eliminate stress by having one representative that is looking out for your interests throughout the purchasing process. Below is a list of some of the best buyer’s agents in Melbourne and Victoria who are REBAA accredited and can find, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of your new property. To stay up to date with the latest news and buying tips, or for advice about how to find the best buyer’s agents in Melbourne, contact REBAA today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer’s Advocates in Melbourne

How does a buyer’s agent negotiate a better price? Understanding the property’s worth is the first thing a buyer's agent will do. They’ll look at the comparable sales in the suburb and area, and once this has been established, moving forward, you can negotiate with confidence. A buyer’s agent will also ensure they have a good relationship with a selling agent, who can provide inside knowledge and help with the negotiation by previewing properties before listing and understanding the real price the vendor wants. A selling agent is more likely to deal with a buyer’s agent they know and trust, compared to a buyer who they have never seen, because they are more confident they will make the sale. What can a buyer’s agent do that I can’t do on my own? The main thing to remember is that a buyer’s agent won’t have the same inexperience and emotions that most buyers have. They will bring good solid guidance based on experience and a level head. A good buyer’s agent or advocate will be able to realize and see what’s a good property fast, whilst having the ability to narrow down the field, allowing you to act quickly and avoid buying a dud. What valuation tools does a buyer’s agent use to determine market value? While the internet or an app can punch out a price estimate in five seconds, it’s important to note that it takes years of training and experience to understand property values accurately. If a property has been renovated or altered in any way, there is no way an online valuation tool can include the added value of that, or even an estimate. Nothing beats physically inspecting a property and if you don’t have the time to do the legwork, then get a buyer’s agent to do it for you. For more information about a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne, see our full list of FAQs here.