20 Oct 2016

Looking for a simple life on the Gold Coast?

Husband and wife duo Tony and Eva Coughran from Simply GC love buying property for their clients and they’re keen to share their local knowledge with their new lifestyle blog www.simplygc.com

For them it’s personal. Eva grew up on the Gold Coast and Tony has lived on this sunny coastal haven for most of his life.

Their new website offers a mix of tips and articles on the Gold Coast scene as well as professional advice on the local property market.

“Firstly, every city in Australia has a prominent stereotype; Melbourne is all about coffee and culture, Sydneysiders are hard work, hard play types and Adelaide is the home of the artsy festival goer,” says Eva.

“To the rest of the country, the Gold Coast seems to portray a culture that is fostered through the likes of the meter maid; as if scantily clad women and tanned shirtless men with their muscles bulging are found in every corner of the coast.

“Beneath all the hype, there are many layers of social fabric that make up our community and it depends entirely on the circles you roll in.

“The majority of locals here are genuine, down to earth people.

“Apart from being well-educated, cultured and health conscious, you’ll find them to be warm, welcoming and inclusive.”

The Gold Coast is now home to more than half a million people looking for a simpler life by the sea.

According to Eva the thriving metropolis offers more than just fabulous beaches and waterways, with some of the country’s most beautiful national parks (Springbrook, Binna Burra and Lamington National Park) less than an hour away.

“We have modern medical facilities, a new tertiary public hospital and a new private hospital right next door,” she said.

“Public transport is well planned, the roads are safe and the commute is easy.

“The city is culturally diverse – you can enjoy a show or exhibition at the arts centre, explore the many markets and street food precincts as well as some of the best restaurants in the country.”

Eva says a big part of the attraction is that the Gold Coast offers both a work/life balance and a high paying job at an affordable cost.

With a great selection of high performing private and state schools as well as three universities, more and more families are starting to see the appeal.

“Regardless of what you earn, being able to live comfortably and within your means will set your family on the right path to enjoying the Gold Coast lifestyle,” she said.

“Imagine living in a waterfront home in a great location for under a million dollars.”