31 May 2016

Why I love being a buyer's agent

Nick Viner gives the top 5 reasons why he loves his job:

1. No two days are the same

You are constantly meeting interesting people and inspecting new properties in different suburbs every day.

You can start the morning thinking that your day will take you to A, B and C but you actually end up going to X, Y and Z via D, E and F!

Unlike selling agents who are tied to one specific location, you have greater flexibility to cover a much wider area. Variety is the spice of life!

2. I love matching people with the right properties

You need to be a ‘people person’. You have to understand where people are coming from, their requirements and their expectations.

More importantly, you need to understand how their expectations and desires correspond to properties that are on the market and within their budget.

Often you will have difficult conversations about whether the client’s expectations are realistic, and you may need to tell them that they are highly unlikely to find a better property within their budget.

It is very rewarding when those clients turn around to you later and thank you for helping them make the right decision.

3. I tried an office job and that didn’t work for me

You cannot avoid a desk and computer completely but you will spend vast amounts of time out of the office and in the open air.

You have the freedom to structure your days to allow office tasks to take place first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, allowing you to get out and about during the best part of the day!

4. I love learning

You are constantly learning new things about people, properties and suburbs and things are always changing. At the same time, a buyers’ hunger for knowledge is ever increasing.

You have to keep on top of the latest infrastructure changes and planning proposals which could impact upon a particular area. Property-related legislation is always being updated and the market itself is forever evolving.

5. You are in control of your own destiny

Being a Buyers’ agent is a very rewarding business. You will find that the hours you invest almost directly correlate to the amount of success you will achieve.

Ultimately, you can control the amount of work you put in, the hours you work and the amount of holidays you take.

*This article first appeared on the REINSW news blog