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Registered Licensee: Bryce Holdaway


Empower Wealth is a multi-award wealth advisory company for everyday Australians. Our team are specialists in their given fields with years of experience guiding people like you to achieve your life goals, through property investment and financial wealth building. We liken ourselves to a board of trusted advisors, covering all of your financial ambitions. 

At Empower Wealth, we truly believe that increasing one’s wealth position is possible for anyone and everyone interested in making it happen. From saving for your first home, to buying it and then building off its wealth base, to superannuation, to identifying best use of your household’s surplus income, to building a multi-million dollar property portfolio. It’s possible, but for almost every one of us, we need professional assistance. 

Media Profile

Apart from offering customer-first services, Empower Wealth also strives to raise the awareness on buying a home and investing in property in Australia. That is why, our partners, Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway are regularly featured on TV such as Sky Business News ‘Your Money, Your Call’ and ABC News 24, and in print such as Money Magazine and Australian Property Investor Magazine. They are also the co-hosts for the top property investing podcast in Australia: The Property Couch and are co-authors for The Armchair Guide to Property Investing. 


How others have profited from Empower Wealth

Bryce and the Buyers Agent team at Empower have been fantastic. It was actually quite a relief to have someone assist and guide us through the “buyers jungle”, particularly someone who was on OUR side! They communicated with us continuously throughout the entire process and we felt comfortable all the way – it genuinely took a lot of the stress out of purchasing an investment property. We also learnt a lot throughout the process and would definitely not only recommend their services, but will also use them ourselves again in the future. Most importantly we feel confident we have purchased a great investment for us and our family! Thanks Bryce and the team!

- Paul and Toni D