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Hunter James

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  • NSW


Registered Licensee: Sebastian James

Hunter James is Sydney’s premier buyers agent, specialising in finding and securing property for the discerning buyer in the right location and at the right price. 

  • Make buying stress free and easy. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage. 
  • Discover properties before they hit the market. 
  • Identify the best property to meet your needs. 
  • Secure at the best possible price and terms. 
  • Unbiased expert guidance from start to finish. 

How others have profited from Hunter James


Your knowledge, research and confidence in a very competitive market puts you streets ahead of the competition. Finally something I noticed and worthy of mention your business still has the caring family feel which is such an important value when you are basically working on a whole lot of trust with clients.

A & C Lorriman, Mosman