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  • VIC

JL Property Buyers agent ——EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATION

Registered Licensee: Jenny Jia

JL Property Buyers agent was founded by Dr Jenny Jia. coming from Beijing, China, and living in Melbourne for numerous years. We deeply understand the multicultural dynamics between China and Australia. Culture is deeply rooted in the property purchasing process, and given our exposure to diverse backgrounds, we can assist buyers of Chinese heritage better in their endeavours.

Buying a property always comes with a lot of stress and risk. At JL Property, what we deliver goes beyond simply saving you time and money. We provide you our industry expertise and knowledge, which we have practiced for years. Being a passionate property investor for 20 years, equipped with sharp data analysing skills as an IT PhD, further leveraged by a Master of Property degree from the University of Melbourne, we know what we do, and we do them well.

We find you the highest performing property and negotiate the best price. Working alongside a CPA in our team, we ensure that we capitalise on opportunities and help you create a path to wealth through property. We listen, we understand, we care, and we always exceed your expectations.


JL Property 买家中介机构由Jenny Jia博士创立。Jenny Jia博士来自于中国北京,并在墨尔本生活多年。我们深刻理解中澳之间的多元文化动态。文化深深植根于房产购买的过程之中,凭借我们对不同背景的广泛认知,我们能更好地协助具有中国文化背景的买家实现他们的目标。

购买房产总是伴随着巨大的压力和风险。在JL Property,我们的专业服务不仅仅是节省您的时间和金钱。我们为您提供的是多年实践的专业知识和丰富经验。作为一名资深房地产投资者,拥有20年的房产投资经验,并具备IT博士的敏锐数据分析技能,再加上墨尔本大学的房产硕士学位,我们知道自己在做什么,并且做得很好。




Who We Help:

  • Prestige Home Buyers
  • Residential property developers & investors
  • Expats & Overseas buyers


How We Help:

  1. We assist both homebuyers and investors in identifying their purchasing briefs, search for and vet high-quality properties both on the market and off/pre-market that meet their lifestyle needs, investment objectives, and budgetary constraints, helping them throughout the entire purchasing process.
  2. We conduct comprehensive due diligence and assessments on target properties, negotiate the best prices, conditions, and terms, and represent clients in making offers and participating in auctions.
  3. Depending on the needs of clients, we also provide property portfolio analysis, cash flow analysis, and assist developer clients with development analysis.


Key Services Provided:

  • Complete Advocacy Service
  • Evaluation & Negotiate Service
  • Vendor Advocacy

How others have profited from JL Property Buyers Agent

“Jenny and her team is providing more than a buyer’s agent. I believe there are people like me who have been living in Melbourne for years but are not real estate experts at all. Due to this reason, we contacted Jenny and started our journey of finding a dream house. During the whole process, Jenny and her team have been working professionally and productively in searching the kind of property that suits our interest, researching it and providing us with rational suggestions. Once we ask for some info/statistics/suggestions, she would reply as soon as she can, and we can tell that she has done a lot of work to provide us with a “simple” answer. More importantly, Jenny always gives clear explanations, instead of letting the client make decisions based on ambiguity. She stands with us and thinks of everything for us, just like a caring friend. All of these lead to a perfect ending that we found a beautiful house and successfully bought it with a reasonable cost. We really appreciate all the efforts from Jenny and her excellent team, and we hope that more clients will know about this 宝藏买家中介.” – Kimberley

“Jenny 和她的团队是一个非常专业、高效的团队!精准的分析、明确的定位帮助我们在复杂多变的市场中精准定位,选定目标,制订策略,把握机遇。我的亲身经历证明,Jenny 是每一个买家值得信赖的合作伙伴,在你踏入购房的第一步,强烈建议去和她聊一聊,她会以她专业的能力,高效的工作,全流程服务,解开你的困惑,买到你心仪的房产” – Lei

“I had the pleasure of working with Jenny and her team as my buyer agent, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the level of professionalism and guidance they provided throughout the entire purchasing process.

From the initial stages of the loan application to the meticulous search for an ideal property, Jenny and her team offered weekly updates, ensuring that I was well-informed at every step. Jenny’s recommendations played a crucial role in securing pre-approval for my loan, and her discerning eye for property selection surpassed my own, ensuring that the house I purchased met all my needs.

Jenny is a trustworthy professional who is committed to securing properties of great value for her clients. When an ideal property surfaced, she and her team swiftly conducted thorough analyses, arranged for legal inspections, and transparently communicated the true value of the property. I found her property value appraisals to be accurate and reliable.

Moreover, Jenny’s team goes the extra mile by helping clients schedule build and pest inspections at the most opportune times, ensuring that every penny spent is worthwhile. During the auction, Jenny’s exceptional auction skills resulted in substantial savings of about $100,000 for me.

In summary, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Jenny as my buyer agent, especially since this was my first experience in purchasing a home with no prior knowledge. Opting for Jenny and her team was undoubtedly my most successful decision in the entire home-buying process. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction make them an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a reliable and skilled buyer agent.” – “Daisy

“We recently embarked on the quest for our dream property, and Jenny was our guiding star throughout the whole process. From the outset, Jenny embraced our best interests with a sincere and genuine approach, ensuring that our aspirations and desires were her top priority. Her alacrity was unmatched, capturing a fantastic opportunity that almost slipped through the market’s fingers.

Discovering this fantastic opportunity happened only a few days away from auction day, yet Jenny, with her remarkable commitment, conducted thorough due diligence very quickly, despite the stringent deadline, even going above and beyond to make sure all questions were answered regarding the property.

We had many questions throughout the whole process, but Jenny answered each with clarity that was relatable and easy to understand. Her efforts demystified the nuances of the property market, empowering us to make informed decisions with confidence.

The night before the auction, Jenny’s adept negotiation skills came to the fore, securing our dream property under terms highly favorable to us. This masterstroke was something we had not thought possible and truly speaks volumes of Jenny’s ability in real estate.

Jenny’s dedication to her craft is evident in the extra lengths she goes to for her clients. For anyone considering a buyers agent, she is a steadfast ally in the high stakes arena of property acquisition. We are immensely grateful for her hard work and the outstanding results it produced.” – Raylin