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  • QLD

Advocating for homebuyers as they write their next life chapter

Registered Licensee: Joanna Boyd

Passionate Buyers Advocate Joanna Boyd has 20+ years’ experience in the property industry, having worked in real estate business development, franchise management, recruitment, insurance and training and facilitating.

Joanna was driven to start her business after suddenly losing her husband, Tony, in 2017. At the time, she was barely in her 40s and the couple had three young children. Dealing with the difficult decisions that need to be made after a loved one’s death gave Joanna a unique insight into why Buyers Advocates are so important.

Now Joanna is committed to building relationships with those in a similar position. Knowing that clients have enough to deal with, she steps in to shoulder the burden of property shortlisting, negotiations, auctions and settlement logistics.

While Joanna predominantly works with women and men who are widowed, divorced or separated, her Buyers Advocacy services are for anyone who wants to purchase property stress-free. With her knowledge of off-book properties, extensive list of contacts and fluency in the secret language of real estate, Joanna Boyd is equipped to deliver your perfect home minus the emotional burden of the house-hunting process. 

How others have profited from Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate

Joanna has been so supportive and guided me through a very challenging part of my life. With her patience, guidance and expertise, she has assisted me in finding clarity and purchasing my new home that is simply perfect for me.”