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Registered Licensee: Daryl Smith

MadeComfy is a technology enabled property management and hospitality company offering high quality accommodation in Australia’s top cities and destinations. We generate higher returns for our property owners in the short and mid-term rental market through data-driven pricing strategies and a customer-centric focus on the guest experience. Our guests enjoy the best parts of hotel stays such as professional cleaning standards and easy online booking, paired with the comforts of home like a full kitchen, separate living areas and the convenience of contactless self check-in.

How others have profited from MadeComfy

“Partnering with MadeComfy has instantly allowed us to deliver a high quality guest experience, congruent with the standard of our brand. We were drawn to MadeComfy because of their specialisation in all of the areas we didn’t have experience in.
Immediately, we’ve been able to grow and scale a new segment of our business”
– Luke Vaughan, Managing Director at Crown Realty International.