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  • NSW

Proudly boutique, fiercely independent, property advice

Registered Licensee: Henry Single

Pivot Property Buyers is a collection of experienced professionals that represent the interests of residential property buyers.

In one of the most active property markets in the world, it’s important to equip yourself with a competitive advantage, Pivot Property is that guiding hand. Furthermore, we all want to make an informed decision when it comes to the largest financial transaction most of us will make in our life. This consists of having all the information, oversight of every single option that is available and securing exceptional value.

History is a testimony to the fact we’ve been successfully achieving this since 2013.


How others have profited from Pivot Property

Working with Henry was a great experience. They were able to source our property off the market, which we would have never been able to access on our own. They also saved enormous time by recommending high-quality service providers for each step of the process, and were always available when we had questions. We unreservedly recommend them for anyone interested in purchasing a property.” – Graeham B