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Registered Licensee: Tabitha Robb

After over a combined two decades in real estate world, we founded Prop Culture Buyer’s Advocacy after seeing home buyers constantly misinformed or taken advantage off. We saw that the game was rigged against buyers. Why does the seller have a representative and the buyer doesn’t? How do every day people expect they can negotiate against an agent who does this all day every day? What’s worse, the whole frenzied system seems designed to confuse, stress and emotionally drain buyers into blindly signing over their hard-earned money. That’s why we started Prop Culture to better inform buyers in their property choices and level the playing field – so they can make smarter moves and live their best lives.

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How others have profited from Prop Culture

Being first-time home buyers, it was such a comfort knowing that we had Tabitha’s expertise to rely on when making our decision. She was friendly, and extremely knowledgeable in the property market. She took the time to understand what we wanted. An expert negotiator, Tabitha is worth every penny, and found us a house (quicker than expected!) that we’ll be very happy with for a long, long time.

-Ryan Fritz – as on google reviews