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Registered Licensee: Rich Harvey

Propertybuyer is the most awarded buyers’ agency in Australia and we represent you – the buyer – throughout the process of buying real estate; helping you find, decide on, negotiate and secure the property that’s right for you. 

Our buyers’ advocates save customers both time and money by providing the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the right decision is made and the entire purchasing process runs smoothly. Once you engage a buyers’ agent we stay with you through every step of your purchasing journey and you are able to contact your agent at any time of the day or night. 

We also take care of the smaller details, like organising removals or utilities and all other aspects that come with buying a house – providing you with a full service that reduces complication and eliminates stress. Our buyer’s advocates have connections and relationships with alliances in all areas of the property industry and can use these relationships to get you better deals or put you in contact with the best services. 

Rich Harvey is a buyers’ advocate, economist and CEO of Winner of over 27 REINSW Awards for Excellence, Rich’s team specialises in searching, appraising and negotiating residential and commercial real estate exclusively for buyers.  Rich is also the President of the Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia (REBAA).

How others have profited from Propertybuyer

It is hard to put a price on the value of inside information. propertybuyer relayed their findings as to the current state of the property market, provided us with an accurate appraisal and gave a personal opinion on the suitability of the properties. However, and MOST importantly, during the negotiations they were able to manage not only the emotions of their client (I dare point the finger at myself) but also had to enough tactical sensitivity to manage the seller and their agent. I believe that this played a crucial role in closing the deal when it was barely hanging by a thread.