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  • NSW


Registered Licensee: Fred Haggar

Since 2005 Property Search 4U has been acting as an independent buyers agent, helping Sydney real estate buyers achieve their property objectives, be they residential investments and/or properties to occupy.

Fred Haggar is a principal buyer’s agent of Property Search 4U, established as an independent licensed buyer’s agent, acting exclusively for the buyer of residential or commercial property.

With Fred and the team on your side, you are insulated from coercion by aggressive marketing and persuasive vendor’s agents, and protected from the frustration of having your precious time repeatedly wasted on endless unsuitable property inspections.

How others have profited from Property Search 4U

From the time we first engaged Fred he was available anytime day or night to assist us with everything from arranging building inspections, negotiating with agents and talking us through strategy. He was the calm guiding hand we needed to get us to auction day and make sure we got good value for money.

- Tom and Rosie