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  • NSW

We are Strategic Investor Group

We exist to give our clients an unfair advantage in growing wealth through property.

Our Advice business starts by getting your strategy right and helping you avoid the investor blind spots that can cut into your returns. Our property-focused advisers assess your situation and help build a path to your long-term goals.

 Our Lending business provides you with the best finance options based on your strategy – letting you act confidently and at speed. As one of Australia’s top 10 mortgage brokers, we provide access to VIP rates, as well as premium speed and service.

 Our Property Buyers business has a dedicated team uncovering on and off market opportunities and evaluating these using our Area X-Ray and 53Invest tools. Our goal is to purchase the right property for your strategy at the lowest possible price.

 You can choose to use any of our services, each of which are best-in-class. However, when all three are working together, that’s when you have an unfair property advantage.