17 Mar 2017

What should you look for in a buyer's agent?

As Australia’s largest national body representing professional buyer’s agents, we frequently get asked the question: What should I look for in a buyer’s agent? Generally speaking consumers should look for the following five qualities when looking to engage a buyer’s agent:

Field and experience

Look for agents who have a minimum of 24 months’ experience in the particular area that you are interested in. It is worth finding out about their most recent purchases.


Check with the relevant state’s department of fair trading to ensure they are appropriately licensed and insured. They should also have the relevant qualifications.

Membership of the Real Estate Buyers’ Agents Association of Australia

If they aren’t a member, ask why not? REBAA is Australia’s only national professional association for buyer’s agents. In order to become a member, agents must go through a stringent process. Once an agent is a member, they have to adhere to a strict code of conduct.


A good agent will have a wide network of selling agents to access properties off-market and earlier than the general public. They should also be able to connect with you the representatives of complementary professions.

A solid track record

Ask for references from at least three recent clients who you can contact to discuss their experience with the agent.