Fact Sheet



  • REBAA is Australia’s leading professional body for buyer’s agents.
  • REBAA was established in 2000 with the goal to raise the profile of the industry and to establish guidelines for the professional conduct of real estate buyer’s agents nationally.
  • Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, negotiating and purchasing property on behalf of buyers.
  • REBAA’s key roles include providing help and guidance for buyer’s agents while actively campaigning to make the property market more user-friendly for the buying public.
  • The entity has also provided strategic advice to the NSW Department of Fair Trading review of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act, to ensure the activity of buyer’s agents is considered in drafting amendments. REBAA members are also actively involved in similar legislation with Government in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.
  • As a leading player in the property industry, REBAA offers significant benefits to both buyer’s agents and consumers.
  • As a respected industry body, REBAA gives buyer’s agents the credibility of being part of a professional body and the opportunity to promote qualifications through its membership.
  • By choosing a REBAA member, buyers can be confident they are dealing with an experienced and professional buyer’s agent.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent will:

  • Evaluate the specific needs and wants of the buyer and locate properties that fit those specifications.
  • Assist the buyer in determining the amount that they can afford and show appropriate properties in that price bracket.
  • Assist in viewing properties – accompanying the buyer on the showings, or previewing properties on behalf of the buyer to ensure their specifications are met.
  • Research the specific properties to identify any problems or issues to help the buyer make an informed decision prior to submitting an offer to purchase the property.
  • Advise the buyer on structuring an appropriate offer to purchase the selected property.
  • Present the offer to the seller’s agent and/or the seller on the buyer’s behalf.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the buyer to help obtain the specified property, keeping the buyer’s interest in mind.
  • Assist in securing appropriate financing for the selected property.
  • Provide a list of potential qualified service providers (e.g. movers, accountants, solicitors etc) if these services are needed.
  • Most importantly – FULLY oversee the buyer throughout the entire real estate transaction.