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Are you trying to find a buyer’s agent in Perth and Western Australia to help you with the purchase of your new property? If you are, the team at REBAA are here to help. By engaging with a REBAA accredited buyer’s agent, they’ll be able to act on your behalf and help your purchase your home, investment or commercial property at the right price. With the help of Perth’s leading buyer’s advocate, purchasing a property has never been easier. From finding your dream home to expanding your property portfolio, we can help you realise your goals. A REBAA accredited buyer’s agent will work to provide you with the advice you need so you’re fully informed and that you don’t end up paying too much for your property. Our buyer’s advocate will also manage the entire process of purchasing your new property for you, saving you time and eliminating stress.

Perth’s Leading Team of Buyer’s Advocates

Below is a list of REBAA accredited buyer’s agents in Perth and Western Australia who can assist with the purchase of your property. For advice about choosing the best buyer’s agent, or to stay up to date with the latest news and buying tips, contact the team at REBAA today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer’s Agents in Perth

How much does a buyer’s agent cost? If you’re wanting to find out how much a buyer's agent in Perth costs, there is no industry standard. To provide you with a general guide, most buyer’s agents charge roughly around 2% plus GST on the purchase price of the property or home, but there are plenty of buyer’s advocates in Perth who will charge a fixed fee. The overall cost also depends on the suburb you’re buying in, the price of the property and how much of the service you would like to pay for. For example, if you’ve done the research and you want an independent third party to help validate your opinion, or you’d like a buyer’s agent to make a bid on your behalf at an auction. We suggest finding the right buyer’s agent that’s giving you the right level of service you need. What things should you look for in a buyer’s agent? There are many qualities you should look for when choosing a buyer's agent in Perth. These qualities include: Credentials Check your buyer’s agent’s credentials. You can do this by checking with the WA department of fair trading to ensure the buyer’s advocate is appropriately licensed and insured in Perth. They should also have the relevant qualifications. Membership of the Real Estate Buyers’ Agents Association of Australia If the buyer’s advocate isn’t a member, ask them why they aren’t. REBAA is Australia’s only national professional association for buyer’s agents. In order to become a member, agents must go through a stringent process. Once an agent is a member, they have to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Field and experience Try to look for buyer’s agents who have at least a minimum experience of 12 to 24 months’ experience in the particular area of property you’re interested in. We also suggest you take the time to find out about their most recent purchases. A good track record It pays to check their track record. Ask for references from three recent clients who you can contact to discuss their experience with the agent. Contacts A good buyer’s agent will have a strong network of selling agents to access properties off-market and sometimes even earlier than the general public. A buyer’s agent should also be able to connect with you the representatives of complementary professions. What can a buyer’s agent do that I can’t do on my own? A good buyer’s agent will be able to qualify what’s a good property in Perth fast and will have the ability to help narrow it down, so you can act quickly and avoid making a huge mistake. The most important thing is that a buyer’s agent won’t have the same emotions and inexperience that most buyers have. A buyer’s agent brings good solid guidance based on experience. For more information about a buyer’s agent in Perth, see our full list of FAQs here.