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The team at REBAA are here to assist you in finding an experienced and accredited buyer’s agent to help you with the purchase of your new Canberra home or investment property. Save time and money by engaging a buyer’s agent who can search, evaluate and negotiate a property purchase on your behalf. Working with a REBAA accredited buyer’s agent in Canberra gives you access to sound advice that ensures you won’t overpay on your property. A buyer’s agent helps eliminate the stress of purchasing a property by managing the entire process.

Canberra’s Leading Team of Buyer’s Agents

Below is a list of REBAA accredited buyer’s agents in Canberra and the ACT who can help you make the right purchase at the right price. Alternatively, if you need help finding a buyer’s agent who can provide you with the services you need, contact REBAA today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer’s Agents in Canberra

How do I know if my buyer’s agent is truly independent and not getting kick-backs from the vendor? It’s important to note that all REBAA members are exclusive buyer’s agents. This means they only act for the buyer – they aren’t taking money from the owner as well as a buyer. When selecting a buyer’s agent in Canberra, make sure you look at your prospective buyer's agents’ website to see if they sell any real estate and ask them directly ‘Do you sell real estate or do you receive any kick-backs or commission?” At REBAA, we recommend to check your buyer’s agency agreement carefully as there are sections included from the Office of Fair Trading where they are required to declare if they are receiving any kick-backs or commissions from any third party. Can a buyer’s agent guarantee to save me dollars off the purchase price? Buyer’s agents are very good at negotiating. We specialise in property, and we understand how to deal with selling agents, how to price a property, and then we understand the various methods of sale and how to get that deal across the line. The important thing is getting the right property at the right price, not necessarily getting a ‘bargain’. For more information about a buyer’s advocate in Canberra, see our full list of FAQs here.