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If you’re looking for the best buyer’s agents and advocates in Sydney and NSW to assist with the purchase of your new property, REBAA is here to help. A REBAA accredited buyer’s agent can act on your behalf and help you make a purchase at the right price, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Sydney’s Leading Team of Buyer’s Advocates

A REBAA accredited buyer’s agent will work to ensure you’re fully informed on the purchasing process as well as manage the entire process for you. Browse the REBAA buyer’s advocate member directory below to find a buyer’s agent in Sydney and NSW who can help make the process of purchasing a property easier than ever. If you need help trying to find the best buyer’s advocate in Sydney who can provide the services you need, contact REBAA today.

Buyer’s Agent Fees in Sydney, NSW

Buyer’s agent fees can vary greatly depending on the industry experience of the buyer’s agent you choose to employ. Generally, the industry average fee for Sydney-based buyer’s agents is somewhere between 2% and 3% of the purchase price, plus GST and an engagement fee to get started. Alternatively, buyer’s agents will ask for a flat fee based on the purchase price and an engagement fee. For more information on buyer’s agent fees, contact us at REBAA for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer’s Agents in Sydney, NSW

Aren’t buyer’s agents just for the wealthy? There is a common misunderstanding that buyer’s agents are just ‘for the wealthy’ and not for the average Australian home buyer. Think of it like this, when you rely on a buyer’s advocate in Sydney, you’ll be relying on a professional who has been buying property for many years, who has all the contacts and knows how to negotiate on a price, someone who is actually making you money, whilst saving you money all at the same time. Extremely wealthy people can afford to lose more money than your average first home buyer. When it comes to buying property, there is a level of risk and the average Australian first home buyer is not able to take that level of risk without seeking professional advice. Simply take a look at the average house price 10 years ago to today to see how prices have shifted in, not just Sydney but every capital city across Australia. Hindsight shows what you would have made in capital growth versus the cost of engaging a buyer’s agent. Likewise, by making a rushed decision and either overpaying or not doing anything at all, costs a whole lot more in the long run than engaging a professional to help. Can a buyer’s agent guarantee to save me dollars off the purchase price? Buyer’s agents or advocates really are specialist negotiators. We specialise in property and understand how to price a property, understand exactly how to deal with selling agents, and then we understand the various methods of sale and how to get that specific deal across the line. I know a real estate agent who will bid at auction for me for free. Why would I pay a buyer’s agent? Generally speaking, selling agents bid in a different way to how a buyer’s agent would bid at auction. Selling agents push the price to the limit and bid the way they would like buyers to bid at their auctions. They may be not connected with the vendor, but ask yourself if there is any vested interest? Ask yourself, ‘Why is the selling agent willing to bid at auction for free?’ The answer is because they want to list your property for sale once you’ve bought. Beware and remember the golden rule: “Free advice is often more expensive than paying for the advice upfront”. For more information about a buyer’s advocates and agents in Sydney and NSW, see our full list of FAQs here.