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Do You Need a Buyer's Agent in Queensland?

Are you looking for a property buyer’s agent in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to help you purchase your dream home? If so, REBAA is here to help. A REBAA accredited buyer’s agent can work on your behalf to search, evaluate and negotiate a property purchase for you. They’ll also ensure you’re fully informed about the purchase process and that you don’t overpay. REBAA has collated a list of accredited buyer’s agents from all over Queensland, including agents based in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast who can help you make the right purchase at the right price. If you’re looking to purchase a family home, or build investment portfolios, at REBAA, we can help you. Understanding how the real estate game works is essential, as buying a new home or investment property is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll make in your entire life.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast's Leading Team of Buyer’s Agents

Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property or a new family home, we can direct you towards trusted buyer’s agents in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast who understand the complexities and processes of buying a property in Queensland. They can help you to search, analyse and negotiate, saving you time, stress and money. If you need help choosing the best property buyer’s agent in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast to assist you with the purchase of your property, get in touch with REBAA today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyer’s Agents in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

How is the industry regulated? The main regulatory body in each state is the Office of Fair Trading. The only national body representing professional buyers’ agents is REBAA. At REBAA, we’ve worked hard to not only improve the standards of the industry, but to also raise awareness of buyer’s agents over the past decade. Our members are committed to offering quality services with stringent ethical standards and undertaking proper due diligence. To be a REBAA member, agents should:
  • be a registered agent with OFT or relevant Property Board in their state/territory
  • have professional indemnity insurance
  • have been generally operating as a buyer’s agent for the past 24 months
  • be a licensed real estate agency in the relevant state/territory in which they are REBAA accredited in
  • not have properties listed for sale or be involved in direct selling
How does a buyer’s agent negotiate a better price? Understanding what the property is worth is the first thing that a buyer’s agent does. To do this, they look at comparable sales of houses in the same suburb in the same neighbourhood. From this, once you have a better idea of what a property is worth, you can easily move forward and negotiate with better confidence. It’s also important to note that creating a good relationship with a selling agent can assist with inside knowledge and help with the negotiation by previewing properties before listing and understanding the real price the vendor wants. A selling agent is much more likely to deal with a buyer’s agent they know and trust, versus a buyer who they have never seen because they are much more confident they will make the sale. For more information about our Queensland buyer’s agent in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, see our full list of FAQs here.