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By joining REBAA you will be joining Australia’s leading professional body for buyer's agents. The organisation was established in 2000 with the goal to raise the profile of the industry and to establish guidelines for the professional conduct of real estate buyers’ agents nationally. We welcome membership from buyer's agents and affiliates.

Why Rebaa?

What sets REBAA apart?

Imagine a place where your questions are not just answered, but celebrated. Picture a network where collaboration isn’t just encouraged, but essential. As a member of REBAA, you become part of a vibrant family, a support system that understands the nuances of your profession. Our community isn’t just about finding answers; it’s about forging connections that last a lifetime. We believe that when brilliant minds unite, industry standards are not just met; they’re exceeded.

Elevating Your Voice, Elevating Our Industry

Buyers Agents are the unsung heroes of real estate. Your expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to your clients deserve recognition. REBAA isn’t just a community; it’s a movement to make your industry more visible, more respected, and more influential. Your voice matters, and together, we amplify it. By joining REBAA, you aren’t just advancing your business; you’re shaping the future of Buyers Agents in Australia.

Take the Leap, Join the Movement →

Are you ready to transform your business, connect with like-minded professionals, and be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Member Benefits

 1. Networking

Connect with the most brilliant minds in the industry at our national conference, where the ‘Brains Trust’ shares invaluable tips and best practices. Forge lasting relationships with your interstate peers and celebrate your achievements together. Dive into local networking through regular member events, each gathering a community of passionate professionals dedicated to shaping the future of Buyers Agents.

2. Code of Ethics & Best Practice

Embody the values of honesty, truth, integrity, and ethical standards. Stand tall as a professional recognized for your unwavering commitment to ethical practices, setting new industry standards with your integrity.

3. Credibility

Joining REBAA instantly bestows upon you the mark of credibility within the real estate industry and among buyers. As Australia’s largest professional body representing independent buyer’s agents, REBAA is not just a name; it’s a trusted brand representing excellence and reliability.

4. Branding

Proudly display your affiliation with REBAA by integrating our esteemed brand into your website and marketing materials. Showcase your commitment to excellence and professionalism to your clients and peers alike.

5. Referrals straight to your inbox

Your individual profile on the REBAA website opens the door to direct business referrals, landing straight into your inbox. Imagine the possibilities as your next big opportunity arrives at your fingertips, all thanks to your REBAA membership.

6. Legislative Representation

Rest easy, knowing that REBAA actively safeguards your business from poorly-intended legislation. REBAA members have been instrumental in shaping legislation in key states, ensuring the activity of buyer’s agents is always considered in amendments, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best. 

7. REBAA Members Forum

Delve into the vibrant community of REBAA’s members-only forum, where experienced buyer’s agents share, collaborate and overcome the day-to-day and blue sky challenges we all face in business. Here, you’re not just a professional; you’re part of a supportive, knowledgeable family, enhancing your business journey.

8. Group Discounts

Unlock exclusive benefits as part of Australia’s largest body of professional buyer’s agents. Enjoy discounted Professional Indemnity insurance tailored for REBAA members. We’re continually expanding our range of member discounts, designed to save you money while elevating your business.

9. REBAA Buyer’s Agents Agreement

Access a valuable resource – REBAA’s own Buyer’s Agents Agreement – for free upon joining. Particularly beneficial for those starting out, this document empowers you with essential tools, ensuring you’re well-equipped for success.

10. REBAA Mentoring Program

Be a part of our empowering mentorship initiative, connecting experienced buyer’s agents with learners and newcomers. Benefit from peer support as mentors guide you through challenges, from business planning to effective staff management. It’s not just guidance; it’s a pathway to your success.

11. Media Relations

REBAA stands as your voice in the media, championing buyer’s agents and their invaluable contributions to the property industry. Through strategic media partnerships, we’re raising awareness of buyer’s agents, their services, and their credibility, ensuring your expertise receives the recognition it deserves.

Welcome to REBAA, where your journey as a Buyers Agent transforms into an inspiring journey of professional growth, support, and success. Embrace the future with us.

Eligibility requirements

If you are an established Buyers Agency and want to apply for membership with us you first need to meet the minimum requirements to be eligible. We offer 3 different types of membership:


Buyers Agency  

To be a REBAA member, your business should

  • have been generally operating as a Buyers Agency for a minimum of 12 months full time or equivalent
  • Be a licensed real estate agency in all of the relevant states/territories you buy in. 
  • Ensure the principal and all staff acting in a Buyers Agent capacity meet the minimum licensing requirements in all of the relevant states/territories your agency buys in.
  • have professional indemnity insurance to a minimum value of $2,000,000
  • not have properties listed for sale or be involved in direct selling as a Sales Agent
  • You will also need to be willing to uphold the REBAA Code of Conduct and to get actively involved in attending REBAA events and sharing in the activities we develop to enhance the profile and professionalism of our industry.

Fees: $250 one-off non-refundable joining fee and $1,350 non-refundable membership fee per annum ($250 per each additional state).


Staff Membership

Staff membership is offered to any staff member working within a REBAA accredited agency. This is a beneficial way of staying in touch with the industry, and staying connected with like-minded colleagues.

Fees: Nil joining fee and $250 non-refundable membership fee per annum. 

Every staff member that acts in an advisory capacity needs to have a staff membership and you will need to supply a copy of their relevant licences as part of the application process.


Affiliate Partner Membership 

Affiliate partnership is offered to like-minded industry related professionals operating businesses in fields that complement the service offering of a Buyers Agent. This may include but is not limited to property conveyancers, solicitors, finance brokers, property managers. Please note that if you sell real estate you will not be eligible for our Affiliate category.

Fees: $250 one-off non-refundable joining fee and $750 non-refundable membership fee per annum.

How to apply

Excited about the prospect of joining REBAA?  

Here’s How:

Take the first step toward becoming a part of Australia’s most trusted group of Buyers Agents by clicking the link below. The online application form is your gateway to a thriving community of industry pioneers, where your expertise is celebrated, and your aspirations find wings.

Completing the application will only require about 10 minutes of your time. During the process, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your passion for your profession. Be prepared to upload necessary documentation that supports your application; it’s your chance to shine.

At REBAA, we take pride in being a progressive and inclusive association, but excellence is not merely a formality. We meticulously review each application, ensuring it aligns with all State based licensing requirements and meet REBAA’s minimum for professional standards. This careful curation is what sets our membership apart – a collective of the best-of-the-best in the industry.

Your journey to becoming a REBAA member is important to us, and we ask for your patience during the application process. Please allow up to 6 weeks from the date of your application as we diligently assess your qualifications, ensuring that our community of members continues to thrive with the finest talent in the Buyers Agents domain.

Ready to redefine your professional journey? Click the link below and let your REBAA story begin.

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REBAA Professional Standards

All members must be committed to certain standards as outlined in the REBAA Code of Conduct.