30 Jan 2020

How to attract & retain great staff: Webinar

After a highly-rated training session last year, REBAA president Cate Bakos is back with part two of our latest webinar: How to Attract & Retain Great Staff.

In this FREE interactive online member training session, Cate will share her insights on how to build teams, mentor and groom staff members for the long-term and how to deal with complicated staff issues. Registrations are closing this week for ‘this not to be missed’ practical, interactive and relevant session.

Topics covered include:

  • Picking the right staff – How do you find them? What are some advertising methods? Who vets them?
  • Keeping good staff – What motivates/rewards each person What feedback style do they prefer? Are you approachable? How do you debrief the daily things? How do you deal with upset? How do you deal with inter-staff issues?  When does someone deserve a reward? When is it time to promote? Recognising when someone is struggling/unhappy.
  • Reprogramming bad habits
  • Rehabilitating/letting go of staff members who aren’t working out
  • Building a proud team
  • Recognising the team
  • Mentoring and grooming a great staff member – Can you retain them and still challenge them/teach them? Can you bring them more into your business? Is it time to help them move on to a more exciting chapter?

This training is scheduled to run on Monday 3 February from 9.30am and is exclusive to REBAA members.

Please email lisa@parkerbuyeradvocates.com.au to register.