27 Apr 2021

How will the new rental law changes in Victoria affect buyer advocates?

A new rental reform act has been introduced in Victoria with 130 changes affecting landlords. Victoria is not the only state to have had rental reforms proposed and/or introduced. With many investors adopting a borderless investing approach a deeper knowledge of the impact of such reforms could be beneficial for members who operate in and outside of Victoria. 

REBAA is offering a special FREE training session which focuses on the most important changes that impact you as a buyers advocate and the advice you provide your clients when assessing the viability of a property for investment purposes. This training is offered to all REBAA members including staff.

Training will focus on matters directly impacting you and your clients including: 

  • How and when we can gain access to properties that are available for sale and tenanted;  
  • The circumstances around which a tenant can be given notice to vacate; 
  • The new minimum standards a rental property must meet; 
  • What the new safety-related compliance checks for electrical, gas, smoke alarms and pool barriers are and the associated costs and timing of compliance; and
  • What to look for when selecting a property for an investor client to avoid unexpected costs. 

Understanding these key changes will ensure you can:

  •  Include appropriate conditions in your purchase offer for the removal of tenants if vacant possession is required; 
  • Accurately advise clients on the outstanding compliance matters that will need to be updated once settlement occurs; and
  • Understand the approximate costs in compliance so you can factor this into your negotiation strategy and pricing. 

Session Details 

Date:  Monday 3 May 2021 

Time: 9am – 10am 

Where: Online event

Cost: This is a paid-for event, negotiated specially for REBAA by our training coordinator, Lisa Parker.  Usual cost is $49pp but REBAA members and staff are not required to pay any supplementary fee.

A zoom link will be sent to all registered members. To register yourself and your staff please email lisa@parkerbuyeradvocates.com.au

Please ensure you send the email address of all staff so that they can receive an invitation and zoom link direct. .