Application for REBAA Membership

How to Apply

The following online application form outlines how to apply for REBAA membership and what you need to supply with your application. Please note all fields must be completed to submit the form.

To be considered for REBAA membership you must meet the following key eligibility requirements (please tick):

REBAA members uphold a Code of Conduct in all professional dealings. Have you read and do you agree to our Code of Conduct?

Members are required to provide copies of current real estate licences and professional indemnity certificate of currency at renewal in July each year. The fees are charged yearly and on a pro rata basis for new members.

(If less than two years you can still apply for Provisional or Learner membership status)

Which State and Territory are you applying for membership? (If applying for multiple states please supply additional comments box below)

As an organisation run by its volunteer members, all are expected to contribute to the growth, promotion and development of REBAA and buyer’s agency as a profession and industry. What can you offer the organisation and how can you contribute to the growth of REBAA?

Please provide a certificate of currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

For your application to be considered, please specify your agency’s processes for searching, assessing and securing property for clients. You must discuss your specific work processes in detail. Generalised statements are insufficient and your application will be declined if you do not fully explain your agency’s procedures (a process flow chart or similar is also an option to attach).

Upload your Real Estate Licence here.

Upload a copy of your resumé here. Ten years minimum experience preferred.

Please provide details of two clients you’ve worked with as a buyer’s agent, who could act as referees. (N/A for Learner members)

Please provide details of two selling agents you’ve dealt with in your capacity as a buyer's agent, who could act as referees.

Name and Agency

Name and Agency