28 Apr 2024

A common bond with REBAA affiliates

From the desk of Simon Clarke, REBAA BDM & Affiliate Rep

Our profession is one built on relationships. The networks we nurture directly impact our success, whether that be with our selling agent contacts when hunting for listings, or a link with fellow buyers’ agents providing guidance and information.

Another important network is the one we foster with affiliate professionals in the property industry. These are the conveyancers, valuers, building inspectors, quantity surveyors, accountants, lawyers, town planners and so on who offer specialist services to clients. By drawing on their skills and, in turn, offering our own support, we can generate a relationship that’s far greater in value than the sum of its parts.

Choosing affiliates

REBAA has tasked me with heading up the development of the association’s affiliate members program. This scheme will see operators outside of the buyers’ agent profession join REBAA as affiliates with a view to creating mutually beneficial outcomes.

So, what do we look for in a great affiliate partner, and how might this inform your own decisions when contemplating mutual support with another professional?

First and foremost, affiliates must be appropriately qualified and licenced to operate in their field of expertise.

We’re also eager to work with experts who hold themselves to account via membership to their own professional associations. Membership to a group that has a code of conduct, training options, licencing requirements and so on helps position them as specialists. Achieving and maintaining the membership of a recognised association requires a professional to meet certain criteria and to continuously demonstrate a commitment to excellence. They’re the same principals we apply to REBAA membership.

Affiliates should have an established track record of success in their chosen field. Their quality of client service must be unimpeachable, having built a reputation for excellent service and trustworthy dealings.

In that same vein, REBAA will seek affiliates whose values align with our own. They will be motivated by improving the property industry through delivering ethical service and will always conducting themselves in an appropriate manner.

We seek affiliates who can also see the mutual benefits of a strong tie to REBAA. This must be a “win-win” relationship where the net result is greater than the sum of its parts.

Affiliation advantages

There are several ways you gain benefits through close ties with great affiliates.

For starters, there’s often an increase in client referrals (of course, this should be a two-way street). Clients will have an immediate foundation of trust to build on if you have been recommended by someone they’ve already built a successful working relationship with.

When a client comes to you without any recommendation from a third party, they will initially be less engaged/less confident in your services. You get the opportunity to win them over via your service of course, but wouldn’t it be great if they had faith from the get-go because someone they know and rely on has already endorsed you?

Having great affiliate referral partners also enhances your service offering to prospective clients. You can easily and quickly recommend someone who can reliably assist your customers when they’re needed.

Then there’s the opportunity to learn from each other. Whether it be about running a small business or some aspect of the property transaction process, knowledge gained from an affiliate is never wasted.

When it comes to having affiliates, we are stronger both as an association, and as individuals, for their involvement. So long as we seek ties to affiliates that meet the right criteria, we can move forward with confidence that the outcomes will be the best possible for all parties.