07 Jul 2016

Why I became a buyer's agent

REBAA talks to Matt Reeves, buyer’s agent and founder of Your Property Hound in Brisbane, about why he became a buyer’s agent:

What do you enjoy about being a buyer’s agent?

I am passionate about investing in property, and particularly enjoy discussing and formulating investment strategies for clients.  I enjoy the responsibility of running my own business, fostering a work culture based on hard work and integrity, and in the process building long-term relationships with clients.  I have a genuine love of property and can think of nothing better than spending my days inspecting million dollar homes or planning a value-add opportunity.  Did I mention I love spreadsheets?

What did you do before coming a buyer’s agent and why the switch?

I first trained as a veterinarian, and worked as a veterinary specialist overseas and in private practice in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.  As a veterinarian I honed my problem solving skills.  I became experienced in providing practical and trusted advice, assisting pet owners to make some difficult decisions.

While working as a veterinarian I purchased and renovated my own home and built a portfolio of investment properties.  By day I was treating sick cats and dogs, and by night I buried myself in property investment magazines.  After 12 years working as a veterinarian I found my passion and enthusiasm was changing – I had been well and truly bitten by the property bug!

It was a difficult decision to move-on from my veterinary career, and one that surprised my friends and family.  How could I leave such a well-respected and noble profession to become a real-estate agent?  The answer was simple: There is no reason that a career in real estate cannot also be well respected and noble!   And so I left the world of veterinary medicine founding my own business – Your Property Hound. (Obviously there had to be a canine connection, and my pet beagle became the mascot of the new business!)

How has being a vet helped you as a buyer’s agent?

Working as a veterinarian and buyer’s agent seems worlds apart.  It was therefore surprising how seamless the transition became.  As a veterinarian and scientist, I had developed a rational, logical approach to decision-making.  Recommendations were always evidence-based.  Advice needed to be practical and in accordance with the client’s wishes.  Clients needed help and support with their decision-making.  Pet owners respected honesty, even if this meant delivering bad news.

As a buyer’s agent I have used these same principles to establish a business that delivers independent advice based on quality research.  Being open and honest, I recognise the importance of presenting a balanced assessment of properties – I’m never afraid to present the good with the bad.  My goal as a buyer’s agent is to provide enough information and guidance, that clients feel empowered and confident to make their purchase decision.

Transitioning from a veterinarian to buyer’s agent has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  It is now four years since Your Property Hound was established, and I could not have anticipated the amount of success we have so far achieved.  Over this time we have built a great network of loyal clients and trusted colleagues, and have enjoyed plenty of laughs along the way.