19 Oct 2018

Is a buyer's agent/advocate worth it?

Guest blogger

Andrew Date, Industry Insider

Did you know that in the USA and Canada, 90% of people engage a buyer’s agent or buyers advocate to help with their property purchase?

As a professional buyer’s advocate, I truly believe if you DIY your property purchase, chances are you will either overpay or buy the wrong type of property. This can cause significant financial stress down the track.

In our industry you have to understand the value of your skills, your network, your ability to read the play and of course your experience. I say to my potential clients, “If I can’t negotiate the best fee as a Director, then how can you expect me to negotiate the best result for you when I am negotiating with the seller’s agent?”

If you hire an experienced buyer’s agent they will save you time, money and stress and the value they provide should cover the fees they charge.

At Industry Insider, more than 80% of our business is referral. This is a great sign as our clients keep coming back and also tell their friends and family about their experience.

This is why the best source of business for Industry Insider and majority of the buyer advocates across Australia comes in two forms.

1. Referral business from clients who have already used our services before. This is because we already have a higher level of trust and credibility in their eyes.

2. When a client has previously engaged our buyer advocacy services and they share their story with a family member, friend, work colleague, business owner about the experience they had with Industry Insider.

As a last food for thought, I pose this question to you: “Would you SELL your own home, or would you engage a professional selling agent?”

If you answered ‘No I would engage a professional selling agent’, then why on earth would you BUY a property without professional guidance and support?