06 Mar 2020

Is your BA punching above their weight?

Get the feeling your buyer’s agent is punching above their weight? A buyer’s agent can be a powerful ally in the property search. Make sure you’re dealing with an experienced professional, one who has examples of previous buys in the locations on your hit list, as proof of local knowledge. Make sure your buyer’s agent can:

  • Provide a ‘wish list’ analysis to understand your requirements to determine your ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’
  • Search available listings
  • Inspect and short-list suitable properties
  • Evaluate recent sales data and provide a written appraisal
  • Oversee and arrange due diligence such as building inspections, pest, survey and engineering reports
  • Negotiate the property purchase price and terms
  • Oversee the contracts and exchange
  • Conduct pre-settlement inspections
  • Understand the settlement process

REBAA has strict admission criteria and all members are accountable to a professional code of conduct. They also have in-house training available to them. Make sure your advocate is exclusive, doesn’t sell property and holds professional indemnity insurance.

#ask for experience