31 Jul 2020

Is your buyer's agent driving blind?

REBAA is excited to announce that we have expanded our membership offering to accommodate new entrants.

Buyers advocacy is a burgeoning industry and we’re seeing a significant influx of new entrants to the market – many of whom have no prior property-related experience and have simply completed a non-accredited online course.

Our association is concerned by this and feels that many of these new entrants would benefit from peer support and guidance from more established operators.

To accommodate these new entrants and to facilitate our mentoring program, REBAA has expanded its membership levels to include “learner” and “provisional” class memberships.

Provisional membership is available to newly established buyer’s agents/agencies who are not yet as experienced and have been operating for less than 24 months. REBAA offers opportunity for these organisations to learn from and network with like-minded professionals.

Learner membership is available to buyer’s agents with less than 12 months or no buyer’s agency experience. This membership allows access to the private REBAA members online forum, AGM and resources on the REBAA website as well as mentoring opportunities with existing REBAA members.

We feel that this is an improved outcome for new entrants – and for maintaining high professional standards across our industry as a whole – rather than simply rejecting membership applications on the grounds that they do not meet full membership eligibility criteria.

For more information visit www.rebaa.com.au