13 Sep 2019

Meet our Members - Luke Assigal


Luke is a licensed real estate agent with property experience in Melbourne that spans property sales, advisory and advocacy. As Founder and Managing Director of Parley Property Advisory, he blends his trained eye for value (based on research and data) with an appreciation of the subjective (his clients’ tastes) to find the perfect property.⠀

Parley is an old French word for a discussion between two sides in a conflict when they realise there must be a better way. Luke’s approachable manner facilitates the discussions clients often need to have to move forward with their search, especially if they’ve been looking for a while.⠀

Luke’s determination to deliver the best experience for his clients means he’s focused on testing the newest platforms, tools and technologies in the industry. Anything that meets his high standards and will improve his clients’ experiences is incorporated into the Parley approach.⠀

No one who works with Luke has ever doubted his passion for finding properties that meet the brief. They’ve seen how he’s driven to help his clients achieve their property goals by making more informed purchase decisions.⠀

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