Member Benefits

Why be a REBAA member?

1. Networking

Get to know industry leaders and the REBAA members at the Annual General Meeting. This flagship annual event provides exposure to the ‘Brains Trust’ exchange of tips and best practice in the buyer’s agency industry. It’s also the chance to come together with your interstate counterparts annually and celebrate with a dinner. Get connected at your local level by participating in monthly member events with your local chapter and state representative.

2. Code of Ethics & Best Practice
3. Be recognised as a professional who stands for honesty, truth, integrity and ethical standards.
4. Credibility
5. As a REBAA member you have instant credibility with the real estate industry and buyers. As Australia’s largest professional body representing independent buyer’s agents, we are a trusted brand.
6. Branding
As a REBAA accredited buyer’s agent you have the ability to use our brand on your website and in other marketing.
7. Referrals straight to your inbox
Having your individual profile on the REBAA website gives you the opportunity to receive direct business referrals straight to your inbox.
8. Legislative Representation
For many years, REBAA has enjoyed success protecting you, your business and your clients from poorly intended legislation. REBAA members have been actively involved in the drafting of legislation in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia to ensure the activity of buyer’s agents is considered in drafting amendments.
9. REBAA members forum
Get access to a members-only section of the REBAA website and expand your network instantly. The intranet provides instant access to experienced buyer’s agents who can answer your day-to-day business questions. Feel a part of something larger with others working in your industry.
10. Group Discounts
As Australia’s largest body of professional buyer’s agents we can offer discounted PI insurance for all our REBAA members. We are actively expanding our range of member discounts. Ask us today about our group discounts and save.

11. REBAA Buyer’s Agents Agreement
Did you know REBAA has its own Buyer’s Agents Agreement? This document is free to all members who join and particularly useful for those starting out in the industry. Members can download this document anytime from the members area on the REBAA website.
12. REBAA Mentoring Program
The mentor program is free and involves an experienced buyer’s agent pairing with a learner or new buyer’s agent who might need some peer support to help them succeed in the day-to-day business. Mentors are some of the most experienced buyer’s agents in the country who understand the challenges of starting a small business. They can provide guidance on; business planning and systems, overcoming call reluctance or improving sales/signing up processes, recognising your niche, SWOT analysis and workshopping challenges, marketing and PR, managing staff effectively, confidence, presentation and ‘who’ to ask for help in the industry/outsourcing.

13. Media Relations
REBAA works closely with the media to ensure buyer’s agents have a voice in the property industry and to profile the benefits of buyer’s agents for consumers. In this way we are working hard to raise awareness of buyer’s agents, their services and their credibility, to the broader public.