06 May 2016

Why pay somebody to help buy you a property?

Many people are concerned that they can’t afford to pay a buyers agent, especially if they are already finding it difficult to secure a property within their budget.

However, when it comes to buying property it’s important to realise that you could be paying in other ways by not getting expert advice:

  1. Time out of a rising market
  2. Buying a sub-standard property that has limited capital growth
  3. Paying too much for a property
  4. Getting sucked in by a property spruiker pushing over-priced low-grade properties

It’s crucial to understand that the odds are stacked against a lone buyer dealing with a professional sales agent. They hold all the knowledge and most buyers play a hopeful guessing game.

When you consider the risks involved with making the wrong purchase or getting caught in a tricky negotiation, can you really afford NOT to get expert advice?