25 Feb 2024

The importance of training

From the desk of Joanna Boyd, REBAA Queensland State Representative

Consistent peak performance in any endeavour doesn’t come simply via luck and talent. No matter how great someone is at something, they need to take on a mantra of constant and never-ending improvement, and pivotal to this is a regular program of training.

Ask anyone from Sam Kerr to LeBron James – you must be ready to commit to mastering your trade by testing yourself time and again so when game day arrives, you have all the tools at your disposal to deliver an outstanding result.

This applies to our professional lives as well. You may have a wealth of experience in your specialist field, but unless you look to improve and elevate yourself, there is a real risk of falling behind. New technologies, changes in legislation and process, market movements and even efficiencies in administration are all elements that are in a state of flux. Throw in the differing ways we analyse property markets and how the metrics that prove most useful in particular situations can always vary.

Constant training is what sets apart great buyers’ agents from average ones – and it’s something you must stick with throughout your career. Fortunately, there are accessible, convenient and reasonably priced options for training… you just need to know where to find them.

At REBAA, we are focussing in on this essential element for our member, so here are a few thoughts about, and sources for, utilising training opportunities.

The REBAA Classroom

Recently we emailed a link to all members with a unique login to the REBAA Classroom.

This new portal has been established as a central access point for educational material generated by REBAA for the betterment of its members. Here you’ll find webinars, resources, conference recordings and other reference material to help further your training as a buyers’ agent and business owner. It’s all set out in categories too, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

The REBAA Classroom will be regularly updated with new content, so check in regularly to see what’s on offer.

Peer interactions

Collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and anecdotes, often lead to revelations we can all benefit from.

Look at the peers you have in an association like REBAA. We, collectively, have decades and decades of experience in our fields, and integrity of the highest order.

So, take the time to network. Attend any gathering where you can share knowledge. Regular state meetups and, of course our national conference, will be key dates for interacting and growing as professionals.

Also – check out the REBAA forum. Not only is it a source of general information, there’s also plenty of thought-provoking discussions that you can contribute to and learn from.

Formal training

Many buyers’ agents started their careers in other fields that required some level of qualification. People come to buyers’ agency via valuation, accounting, economics, sales or a host of other paths. All of these bring valuable experience to the buyers’ agent skillset.

Don’t discount the value of further formal education once you take on the role of buyers’ agent. Studying part time toward a degree, masters, MBA of even a doctorate is possible if you have the discipline and support.

Professional associations

REBAA is looking forward to delivering plenty more training opportunities to its member this year, but you can look to other professional bodies too.

Most associations offer some form of education to their members – and many are complimentary to REBAA’s mission. If you are also a member of groups such as PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia), PICA (Property Investors Council of Australia), API (the Australian Property Institute), the REIs (Real Estate Institutes), the Urban Development Instituted or a host of other bodies, there are presentations and seminars that can be hugely beneficial to your current role.

Webinars, podcasts and books

Not all training needs to be formal. There are now a host of low-cost, or even free, sources of education and training.

Seek out those webinar series where experts discuss the markets, business operations or any number of useful topics.

Also, in our busy lives, podcasts are now the easiest way to learn more while doing other tasks like driving, exercising, cleaning, yard work or whatever. Pop in the ear buds and multi-task your way to becoming a more informed professional.

Finally, great minds read. Setting aside a few minutes (or hours) to devour books about the market and your business makes good sense. It’s not wasted time to grab a cup of tea and settle in with a book to advance yourself.

Make ongoing training a rock-solid habit for your professional progression. By improving ourselves through regular training, we can be better at servicing our clients, running our businesses and elevating the status of this profession.