09 Jun 2017

Who wants to live in Byron Bay?

By Michael Murray

Byron Property Search

A good proportion of our clients are ‘Dream Changers’  – southern city escapees who have the desire and the capital to move to one of the most popular alternative lifestyle destinations in Australia. Here are five good reasons why:

1. Community

The locals here work hard at making this shire work. There is a strong commitment to community values, the environment and to limiting bland, inappropriate development. It’s all about the ‘vibe’.

2. Culture

Byron Bay has many musical, literature and arts festivals. It has world class restaurants, farmers markets and cafes. It has all the activities and benefits of a big city as well as the ease and simplicity of a small country town.

3. Beauty

This is something one can easily forget until you meet up with a newcomer or a first-time arrival. Their constant refrain is about the views, nature, and greenery. This place is incredible! It is good to be reminded of that.

4. Health and fitness

Besides the obvious advantages of living in a pristine environment, Byron Shire would have more gyms, yoga classes, and health and therapy practitioners than anywhere else.

5. Asset security

Here demand will always outstrip supply and even in a financial downturn, prices remain fairly constant.

Some Dream Changers have been holidaying or visiting their chosen destination over the years. But booking a holiday unit and buying a property is very different and more demanding. Sinking a good proportion of your life savings into somewhere where you hope to spend a good part of your life requires research and certainty.

Engaging a buyer’s agent is a good idea. A real estate professional with deep local knowledge can introduce you into the community, provide more advanced advice and direction than you can do for yourself, save you money and time. The usual stressful experience of moving and making a difficult financial decision can be minimised. Try it, you may like it.