28 Nov 2021

Why Christmas can be a good time to buy property

The looming Christmas period can present buying opportunities for astute investors and those looking to get on the property ladder.

Despite the heady pace of growth we’ve sustained through 2021 in almost every city and region, the rate of growth is easing in some of our markets, particularly the bigger auction markets like Melbourne and Sydney.

This could be due to increased stock levels softening the supply/demand imbalance, and it could also be attributed to buyer fatigue and buyer distraction.

Now that our eastern seaboard cities and regions are reopening and shaking off the shackles of lockdown, plenty of consumers are enjoying their freedoms and feeling the pull away from the property search engines.

Typically at this time of year, many vendors feel the pressure to get a result before Christmas, leaving them more open to price reductions.

Those people who are in the position to buy property should certainly make the most of this opportunity as this is one of those times where buyers have the most power over vendors and agents.

Many agents want to get their properties sold prior to Christmas because it’s just about the only time of year they can go on holidays and many are feeling fatigued on the back of a busy period.

Buyers who are holding off and waiting to see what the market is doing should take time now to have a very close look.