25 Mar 2024

The REBAA Ideal

From the desk of Luke Assigal, REBAA Victorian State Representative

Buyers’ agents are a diverse lot. From the locations we specialise in to the property types we buy, the services we offer can range broadly.

But there are also common threads binding those of us who choose to be REBAA members. It’s those mutual characteristics that ensure those who operate with a REBAA stamp of approval are delivering the best possible experience to clients.

It’s what some would classify as “The REBAA ideal”.

But what do we really mean when describing someone as the ultimate REBAA member?

Well, I like to encapsulate it across several characteristics.


Nothing beats having runs on the board as a specialist. Well experienced buyers’ agents have seen a myriad of situations that can derail a property acquisition. They will have been party to these challenging moments and learnt (sometimes the hard way) how tricky situations can be avoided or remedied. Our membership guidelines require applicants to have been operating as a buyers’ agent for a minimum of one year, but that is really just a starting point.


It should go without saying that REBAA members operate with the utmost integrity in all their dealings. From client relations and their selling agent network, through to affiliate professionals and fellow buyers’ agent, a great REBAA member will carry a reputation for honesty and reliability that is second to none. Our recently released Code Of Conduct sets out in detail exactly what’s expected from REBAA members on this front.


Things move fast in the property sector – perhaps even more rapidly since the world-changing events of 2020. As such, it’s important to remain current. Ongoing, never-ending education is a must for the modern-day buyers’ agent. From technological advancements that can change the way we do business, through to a better understanding of the drivers that compel market activity and real estate prices – it’s essential to stay abreast of developments. This has been made even easier with the new REBAA Classroom which is a central, online location of important information you can access.


While you don’t need specific legislated university-level qualifications to be a buyers’ agent, it is essential to have an advanced understanding of the fundamentals that impact our business and the clients we serve.

Obviously, licensing is a necessary component of being a buyers’ agent, but I venture that a well-rounded specialist will often have qualification in other disciplines too. You only need to see the number of REBAA members who also hold credentials in valuation, economics and accounting to understand the advantages these can deliver.


The ability to share and assist fellow REBAA members is key. While it’s understood some members will be competing for business in the same space, the ultimate truth is that by sticking together and helping one another, we become stronger as a whole.

The ideal REBAA member won’t hesitate to help advance a fellow member’s cause if it’s to the benefit of REBAA and the buyers’ agency profession.


All the elements of professionalism come into play – you are always on display and representing yourself, your business and your profession in almost every situation.

So… do what you say and say what you’ll do.

Conduct yourself in a manner that reflects well on you, your company, REBAA and buyers’ agents overall. Turn up on time, dress the part, be polite but no-nonsense in negotiations, respond quickly to queries and so on.

Treat others how you’d like to be treated and the benefits will flow not just to you, but to your professional cohort.

Striving to be the REBAA ideal can only deliver upsides. It differentiates our members from others in the field to ensure we are the go-to choice when someone is looking to engage a buyers’ agent.