15 May 2020

REBAA launches six-month training course

REBAA is excited to announce the launch of a six-month online training course in collaboration with the highly acclaimed sales trainer Pancho Mehrotra from Frontier Performance. “The Psychology of Selling for Buyer Advocates” has been especially tailored to give a better understanding of your own psychology and behaviour as a buyer advocate, an understanding of the behaviours and psychology of clients as well as practical tools to navigate unhelpful behaviour.

This course guides you through:

  • Understanding your own psychology and behaviour as a buyer advocate.
  • Understanding the behaviours and psychology of your clients.
  • Practical tools to navigate unhelpful behaviours.

Module 1: Managing Fear

Understand how fear is created within your mind and the two types that affect you. Importantly use fear as the emotion to push beyond your boundaries. Fear can lay the foundation to sales success.


  • Learn how to handle rejection.
  • Identify the roots of your fear.
  • Change your mental limitations.

Module 2: Appointment Setting

Apply scripts that sets qualified appointments. Use powerful emotional words that create a desire in the client to meet you. Maximise your time and energy to get more qualified meetings and open more opportunities.


  • Learn to sell the appointment not the service.
  • Understand the power of an appointment setting script.
  • Develop a positive mindset to appointment setting.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence

Knowing how specific emotions affect your clients and what they mean gives you an unfair advantage in deal making. Learn to adapt your communication quickly to your client’s emotional needs. Build trust fast. Trigger their emotions to make a decision to go with you.


  • Understand why we react the way we do to certain types of people.
  • Develop a diffusion responses to regulate and prevent embarassing responses.
  • Develop self-awareness of our own personality style to avoid annoying others who are the opposite personality styles.

Module 4: Mental Skills

Discover the secrets of how top salespeople developed powerful mindsets to overcome challenges. Apply a mind management technique that creates a focused mind within seconds.


  • Turn negative beliefs into powerful resources for taking action.
  • Use mind management techniques that get you into the ‘Focus Zone’ within seconds.
  • Systematically change any process in sales, business for immediate results.

Module 5: Decision Triggers

Understand the hidden buying motivation triggers of clients that motivate them to make decisions fast. Increase your number of profitable deals fast.


  • Extract the subconscious values that trigger emotions from your clients.
  • Understand how pleasure and pain trigger decisions.
  • Use subtle language to close the client.

Module 6: Handling Objections

Overcome any objection fast and use it as an opportunity to close the deal. See objections as opportunities to close. Achieve a 70%-80% closing ratio.


  • Realign any objection, provide a different viewpoint and close within one response.
  • Maintain a calm mindset when challenged.
  • Develop creative answers to objections.

Early bird bonus module worth $500 for those who register before 29 May 2020:

Million Dollar Words

Discover and apply the use of hidden powerful words that top influencers use for maximum impact in meetings and presentations. Overcome objections smoothly, have clients agreeing with your deal within minutes. Turn any objection into a deal and close deals faster than any of your competitors.


  • Use one word or a combination to influence thinking within seconds.
  • Plant ideas in the mind without resistance.
  • Gain agreement within seconds.

Course Structure

  • Six online training sessions (with supporting worksheets)
  • Third Tuesday of each month (10:00am to 11:00am)
  • Access to audio and video recordings (available for duration of the course)
  • Follow-up activities tailored for each session
  • Opportunities for Q&A
  • Free ‘early bird’ bonus module worth $500!

This training is available to REBAA members only. To register please email jacque@housesearchaustralia.com.au.